Our work typically begins by helping clients design research and consulting projects that make the best use of the resources they have. We execute the project using experienced business and research professionals, then work together to identify practical implications. We continue by translating our understanding into recommendations for action.

Research Services

At the Brondesbury Group, research brings together our professionals' work experience in your business, and the technical expertise of our research staff. Our understanding of technical challenges is strong -- based on experience in gathering information in 35 countries.


Reviewing existing research reports and re-analyzing databases to answer high level questions. Synthesis research is quick, comprehensive and cost-effective. It delivers fast results to pressing issues.

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Behavioral Research

Changing individual behavior to foster learning, buying, loyalty or other desired behaviors. Our Behavioral Research focuses on how people make decisions and how/why they behave as they do.

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Market Studies

Our Market Studies focus on market size, opportunity, products, dynamics and competitive positioning. This research actively influences business decisions and delivers strategies for improving market position.

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Predictive Research

Predictive research is typically quantitative research that predicts how markets, buyers or specific financial institutions will change in response to market trends or new product introductions. We distinguish this from future studies, which are more qualitative in nature.

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Strategic Studies Services

Strategies based on the relative capabilities of you and your competitors are quite fundamental and competitive intelligence helps assess this. For companies seeking a longer term or innovative strategy, future studies point out the best path.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence gathers information about competitors by a variety of methods & linking to best practices. Identify how to differentiate in a way that gives a sustainable advantage over major competitors.

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Future Studies

Expert-driven studies that build complex views of long-term changes and why they will happen. Leads to effective long-term planning and leadership in market innovation to capture share.

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Consulting Services

Our consulting practice applies our expertise in financial services, psychology, health and education to help you make tactical decisions based on real evidence. Matching organizational and product structure to client needs is one thrust of our work. Professional standards are a second emphasis, whether in health, financial services or education.

Education & Regulation

These consulting services support educational programs, accreditation and regulation. As with most of our consulting, this work is research-based.

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Product Support

These are consulting services that support product positioning and sales. Improving target sales and product delivery are the most common themes.

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Organizational Support

These consulting services typically have an organizational psychology focus. Their main aim is ensuring that internal organization is matched to client needs. Most of this work is research-based.

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